Vote YES on Measure H

Absentee ballots for the March 7, 2017 election have arrived!  Please remember that the Santa Monica Democratic Club membership voted to endorse a YES vote on Los Angeles County Measure H which is intended to facilitate housing for 45,000 of our homeless neighbors.

Please mark your absentee ballot YES on Measure H and return it as soon as possible.

February Meeting – Thursday, February 23, 2017

February General Meeting – Thursday, February 23, 2017
Santa Monica Main Library Martin Luther King, Jr. Auditorium at 7pm
(Meet & Greet for new members at 6:30pm)
Guest Speaker – State Senator Ben Allen, Executive Board Election, and DNC Endorsement

For a term of one year, the Executive Board recommends the following people for election:

  • Co-Presidents – Jon Katz and Sion Roy
  • Vice President of Political Action – Barbie Appelquist
  • Vice President of Membership – Tom Peters
  • Vice President of Programs – Peter Bradley
  • Vice President of Communication – Michael Soloff
  • Treasurer – Derek Devermont
  • Recording Secretary – Janine Bush

At large members (5 elected by membership):

  • Harriet Beck
  • Patricia Hoffman
  • Genise Schnitman
  • Rachel Sene
  • Dolores Sloan

We will also vote to endorse a candidate for the Democratic National Committee Chair.

Public underground parking, easy access to Big Blue Bus, and light refreshments.
Hope to see you there!

Club Social Meetup Wednesday 2/8/17

President Trump has been in office for less than two weeks, even though it feels like a lifetime. We all need a break from the protesting and the outrage, so we are inviting everyone out for a light meetup next Wednesday evening, February 8, 2017, at 7pm.

Please join us at Busby’s West (3110 Santa Monica Blvd) for a casual gathering with your fellow Democratic Club members. No speakers, no panel, no meeting agenda at all. Just a chance to meet up with like-minded progressives over food and drinks. Especially if you are a new member or have been to just a few of our meetings, we would really like to meet you! Please stop by and say hi. Some members of our Executive Board will be present to talk politics and get your input on what the Democratic Club should do in the months to come.

This is an opportunity to build our community in a moment where the news feels continually isolating. The Santa Monica Democratic Club is still here, and we look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening.

Busby’s West is a full service restaurant and bar, fully ADA compliant. Valet and street parking is available. When you enter, walk straight through to the room in the rear.

January Meeting and Voting on Measure H

DATE: Wednesday, January 25, 2017
TIME: 7:00-9:00pm (Meet & Greet for new members at 6:30pm)
LOCATION: Pico Branch Library ANNEX – Not our usual location!

After seeking feedback from the community on what our club should focus on in 2017, we are going to start with “Activism 101: How YOU can make a difference at the local level”. For those of us who feel newly reinvigorated toward activism after the election, we will be hosting an interactive discussion with local activists, party delegates, and elected officials to go over the basics of how you can effect change. Learn the most effective tools to have a result starting here in Santa Monica all the way to Washington DC.

Full list of speakers will be announced in January.

Additionally, at this meeting we will hold a vote on whether or not to endorse L.A. County Measure H, which will appear on the March 7, 2017 Countywide ballot.  Measure H would levy a temporary 10-year quarter-cent sales tax to raise $355 million annually to pay for services and housing for the 47,000 homeless residents of L.A. County in accordance with the Approved Strategies to Combat Homelessness Plan adopted by the Supervisors in February 2016.

In order to vote on the endorsement of Measure H, new members will have to pay their 2017 dues by December 26, 2016. Those who joined the Club in November or December 2016 are considered 2017 members. Club members from 2016 may re-register at the door.
Register now at ActBlue:

Results of ADEM Voting

Thank you to all who showed up yesterday to vote for the CA Democratic Party Delegates in the 50th Assembly District. We are very proud that Sion Roy on our Executive Committee was elected.

Here are the results. Seven men and seven women are elected.

Albrecht 58
Aramayo 280
Arias-Bhatia 10
Barraza 5
Bateman 64
Brandt 158
Chang 321
Chinawah 36
Ehsan 9
Feresten 423 (#3)
Gladwin 59
Hahn 11
Heidewald 97
Himmelrich 433 (#2)
Horvath 435 (#1)
Hyde 418 (#4)

La Bau 18
Lascoe 8
Lopez 30
Maturo 8
Mullins 43
Quinney 79
Santini 109
Sarreshteh 3
Schnitman 280
Shink 281
Skolnik 291
Sparrow 68
Stromberg 336
Torosis 324
Travis 78
Vinitsky 38
Westcott 79
Williams 45
Winograd 413 (#5)
Yas 351 (#6)
Zar 342 (#7)

Altuner 12
Bazley 360
Borden 2
Bott 414 (#1)
Bouley 53
Bowen 382 (#4)
Daley 120
Feldman 12
Fritzche 42
Gerken 313
Isaacson 4
Joseph 22
Katz 318
Kohler 25
Mason 317
McKeown 375 (#5)
Mizrahi 2
Palacios 5
Palchikoff 7
Pryor 98
Rader 365 (#7)
Rose 74
Roy 368 (#6)
Sackman 71
Salama 18
Salinger 1
Schiffer 8
Shapanka 80
Snell 393 (#3)
Stankevich 105
Tarzynski 239
Taylor 396 (#2)
Tucci 6
Ullendorff 34
Van Sander 2
Walkup 199
Watts 293
Wiggins 40
[missing names go zero votes]