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Weds 9/28: VOTE on Club Endorsements

You’ve read their written questionnaires; you watched their board interviews; and you’ve seen the candidates debate each other head-to-head. Now, it’s finally time to vote to endorse the best of these candidates. 

September 28 6:30pm
Statewide Ballot Measures Discussion
Endorsement VOTE for All Races
Introduction of Proposed Bylaws Changes

RSVP for our endorsement vote meeting here:

This Wednesday evening, please join us for a discussion of all statewide and county ballot measures, followed by endorsement votes for: Santa Monica City Council, Rent Control Board, SMMUSD School Board, SMC College Board, and all Ballot Measures for City, County, and State. 

Note: Members will receive three ballots on Wednesday night, beginning around 8:00pm.All ballots will arrive via email.
Ballot #1 will be the races for Santa Monica voters (Council, Rent Control Board, and City measures.) Ballot #2 will be the races for Santa Monica and Malibu voters (School Board, College Board, and the College bond measure.) Finally, Ballot #3 will be the races for LA County and California voters (County and Statewide ballot measures). 

New members must have joined by August 29 to be eligible to vote by September 28.

In case you missed our last two meetings, here are links to everything you need to see before you vote:

City Council:
Rent Control Board:
College Board:
School Board:
Local Ballot Measures:

Executive Committee Recommendations

In advance of the Membership’s vote, the SMDC Executive Committee has itself voted on recommendations for each race after hours of deliberation and careful consideration of all candidates. Our recommendations are listed below. Of course, the Membership’s vote is final and requires 55% of all members voting. 

Santa Monica City Council
Ellis Raskin
Caroline Torosis
Jesse Zwick

Santa Monica Rent Control Board
Daniel Ivanov
Ericka Lesley
Kurt Gonska

Santa Monica-Malibu Board of Education
Stacy Rouse
Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein
Alicia Mignano
Laurie Lieberman

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees
Sion Roy
Thomas Peters
Barry Snell
Nancy Greenstein

City Ballot Measures
Measure CS – Yes
Measure GS – Yes
Measure PB – Yes
Measure DT – No
Measure DTS – No Endorsement
Measure HMP – Yes
Measure RC – Yes
Measure EM – Yes
Measure SMC – Yes

State Ballot Measures
1 – Yes
27 – No
28 – Yes
29 – No
30 – Yes
31 – Yes

County Ballot Measures
Measure A – Yes
Measure C – Yes

Agree or disagree with these recommendations, be sure to attend on Wednesday night to make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted on these crucial endorsements.