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Our Endorsed Candidates

At our most well-attended virtual meeting ever, hundreds of Santa Monica Democrats gathered to determine our endorsements for the 2022 election. 

You can watch the entire meeting which included a robust discussion on all statewide and countywide ballot measures on the ballot this year, followed by our endorsement voting, farewell remarks from some of Santa Monica’s departing elected officials, and a look at some proposed bylaws amendments. 

The Club provided in depth questionnaire responses from 20 candidates seeking our endorsement, followed by Board interviews with each of those candidates. Over the course of the month of September, we hosted a series of debates over three nights to consider the differences between the candidates. We are proud to say this has been our most transparent process ever.
Finally, on September 28, over 150 members of the Club voted in this year’s endorsements, a 30% increase over 2020’s turnout. 

Endorsement Results 

Santa Monica City Council
Caroline Torosis
Natalya Zernitskaya
Jesse Zwick

Santa Monica Rent Control Board
Daniel Ivanov
Ericka Lesley
Kurt Gonska

Santa Monica-Malibu Board of Education
Stacy Rouse
Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein
Alicia Mignano
Laurie Lieberman

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees
Sion Roy
Thomas Peters
Barry Snell
Nancy Greenstein

City Ballot Measures
Measure CS – Yes
Measure GS – Yes
Measure PB – Yes
Measure DT – No
Measure DTS – No Endorsement
Measure HMP – Yes
Measure RC – Yes
Measure EM – Yes
Measure SMC – Yes

State Ballot Measures
1 – Yes
26 – No
27 – No
28 – Yes
29 – No
30 – Yes
31 – Yes

County Ballot Measures
Measure A – Yes
Measure C – Yes

Congratulations to all of our endorsed candidates!

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