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2024 Primary Endorsements

Last night, with over a hundred SMDC members voting, our Club finalized its endorsements in advance of the March 5 California Primary. 
Per our Club Bylaws, 55% support is required in order to earn a Club endorsement.

US President – Joe Biden
US Senator – Adam Schiff

Assembly (AD51) – Rick Chavez Zbur
Congress (CA36) – Ted Lieu

Measure 1 – YES

District Attorney – George Gascón

County Committee AD51
Susan Sheu
Danielle Wilson
Isabel Storey
Michael Soloff
Erick Matos
Eddie Mendoza
Deana Igelsrud

Judicial Seat #39 – George Turner

Judicial Seat #48 – Ericka Wylie

Judicial Seat #97 – Sharon Ransom

Judicial Seat #115 – No Consensus

Judicial Seat #124 – Kimberly Repecka

Judicial Seat #130 – Leslie Gutierrez

Judicial Seat #135 – Georgia Huerta

Judicial Seat #137 – No Consensus

Ballots will be arriving in the mail next week. Be sure to review the Santa Monica Democratic Club endorsements before you vote!

In Case You Missed It, you can watch the entire meeting here: