Donate for 2020

We need All Hands On Deck for these last few weeks, and we would really love if you could join us for a textbank or phonebank shift. But we understand that things are unpredictable right now, and you may not have the time. If so, please consider a donation to help our efforts this election cycle.

Donald Trump and the GOP are well funded by big money interests. If we want to win this election, we need to dig deep into our wallets to fund the grassroots activists doing the ground-level work.

Donate to the Westside Democratic HQ.
If you make just one donation this year, please consider giving it to the Westside Democratic HQ. This is our consortium of ten Democratic Clubs around the Westside working together to flip seats from Red to Blue around California and the nation. Founded in 2004, we have worked on every presidential election since, plus our first midterm election in 2018 when we made three million phone calls, sent out 20 buses filled with canvassers, and knocked on tens of thousands of doors, all to flip SEVEN House seats here in California.
Over the next few weeks, we will be phonebanking, textbanking, postcarding, and other GOTV operations to ensure Democratic victories all around the country this November. Your donation to the HQ is an investment back into the grassroots Democratic movement in our own backyard.

Donate to the Santa Monica Democratic Club.
Our Club has served Santa Monica since the 1960s as its only chartered Democratic Club, championing issues such as Civil Rights, Rent Control, the Green New Deal, Workers’ Rights, Universal Single-Payer Healthcare, and many other progressive issues.

Donate to the Senate Candidates directly.
Our friends at Vote Save America have put together a fund to send money directly to the ten most competitive Senate races. They call it “Get Mitch Or Die Trying.” If you are wondering which races are the most important to donate to, this is the link for you. Your donation will be split evenly between the ten races that are most likely to make the biggest difference.
Right now, this fund splits between the following ten Senate races: Colorado – Maine – North Carolina – Montana – Iowa – Georgia (both seats!) – Alabama – Michigan – Alaska – South Carolina – Texas – Kansas